Fall in love with JM's irresistible blend of romance and suspense, where wounded warriors find redemption and second chances in the arms of their soulmates.

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Juniper Graham never imagined that anything in backwater Honeywell, Texas would ever change, so she escaped to the big city to attend university and live life the way she wanted to. And she did, for a while.

Until her mother died.

Now everything has crashed down around her. Dad wants nothing to do with her and the town’s people look at her like she’s an outcast. 

Luke has loved Juniper for years, and it broke his heart when she left him behind. He never had the desire to leave, though. He wanted to stay in Texas to farm the land he had been given and someday grow a family. 

When Juniper’s mother dies, it’s up to him to break the news. And to try to tame her wandering soul.

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