11 Places to find Free or reduced price books!

11 Places to find Free or reduced price books!


I know money is tight right now. It has been for a while and there's a chance it will be for a while.

I was researching where to advertise my books and I realized that readers might appreciate a list of where they can find these books, as well. So, happy reading!


1) Bookbub is number one. Competition to get a Bookbub Featured Deal (for authors) is fierce, and only 20% of applicants are accepted for their daily newsletter.

2) Zoebub, or the Stuff Your Reader Event is pretty kick ass too! She only coordinates them a few times a year, and I don't think the next one is until June, but you can pick up hundreds of free books! In the last blast, 2400 authors signed up, of all genres. Follow the link and sign up for the email alerts.

3) EReader News Today (ENT) is a good one with a huge audience.

4) FreeBooksy

5) Book Gorilla

6) RobinReads

7) Rockstars of Romance

8) Fussy Librarian

9) BookBlast

10) Digital Book Today

11) Kindle Nation Daily


What are your favorite ways to find free books? Add them to the comments for fellow readers!

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