New year and new projects!

New year and new projects!

I know, I know, everyone does this. But I feel like I need to lay some things out in print to make them real, if you know what I mean.

I have a lot of projects planned this year. I only technically released 4 books in 2023, which is low for me. I want to do more this year. I'm DETERMINED to do more this year! That's my word, by the way. Determined.

These are the definites, this year.

  • Brian's book, The Hero Next Door is up first. End of January, beginning of February, probably. It will release on my website first, then go into KU.
  • February 24-25th I'll be in St. Augustine, Florida at Tropicon! Hubby and I are taking a few extra days to bum around on the cold Atlantic beach. LOL! It's our 27th wedding anniversary!
  • If you've read the books I have with Susan Stoker's Special Forces world, I have one more to do in the Nightshade series for her. It will be Baylee's book, and I'm both anxious and dreading writing her book. If you've read the previous two Nightshade books you'll understand why. Susan has a world release in March and May. I'm hoping for March, but May is probably more realistic.
  • Knockout Book Bash is at the end of June, and I'm excited for it to be the same success it was two years ago! If you managed to get a ticket, I'll be very happy to see you!
  • My Air Force son is also coming home for the month of June, so I'm probably not going to release anything that month. June is going to be crazy!
  • At some point I want to start a new series. Still romantic suspense, but with a new team. As well as a new K9 contingent! I already have the covers and I love them!
  • I want to squeeze in a Lost and Found book, too! I know, this is a crazy year, but I feel like Chad and Lora need a follow-up. And I need another Dogs of War story! Oh, the words are going to be flowing! Maybe... lol!
  • In December, we release the Heart of Justice anthology! I'm very excited about this, because the non-profit Seasons of Justice provides money to solve crimes. It's a truly worthwhile cause, and I'm happy to give my words to them for the month of December. It's already up for preorder if you'd like to order. There are some amazing authors involved!

Is there anything specific you'd like to see from me this year??? I'm not doing as many signings because I want to get more words out. And I want to have the flexibility to work on other things. For those of you that don't know, I also do a lot of jewelry and tumbler work, which is very relaxing for me. I'd like to leave time to do a few shows for that as well.

What are you up to this year? Anything big?



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