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The first two books are the beginning of the Lost and Found series, my longest running series. Counting the spinoffs, there are 31 books in the series. That's a lot! And there are more coming.

The Embattled Road is the prequel to the Lost and Found series.

Embattled Hearts is Book 1.

And Genesis is the prequel to the paranormal spinoff series.

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After a grueling mission, Navy SEAL Aiden Willingham receives a mysterious offer - an invitation to join the Spartan Project. It's a covert government experiment, quietly operated by a private company called The Silverstone Collaborative.

Their goal? To create super soldiers- using a serum derived from Amazonian rainforest plants- capable of recovering from severe illnesses and injuries.  They invite subjects from every major military organization from around the world, but the care they are receiving leaves a lot to be desired. The program takes a dangerous turn when the test subjects become unwilling prisoners overnight.

The program's lead scientist, renowned for his brilliant work, appears increasingly unhinged to Aiden. While the serum shows incredible promise, it comes at a high human cost, with casualties piling up as experiments become more dangerous. Unbeknownst to the researchers, the serum's effects create an unexpected psychic link among four of the subjects.

Aiden and his team must engineer an escape from the camp, but they know that surviving and bringing The Silverstone Collaborative to justice will be their greatest challenge yet. It's a mission that will test their mettle and determination in the face of danger and uncertainty.


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