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Untying His Not- Book 2

Untying His Not- Book 2

Brock Lowell should be at the top of his game. He’s taken control of the Blue Star Ranch in the wake of his father’s recent heart attack and has the authority to make the changes he’s been itching to make for years. He’s only got a short time to get things done. The ranch needs to be picture perfect for his brother Chad’s wedding in just a few months.

But it all just serves to remind him how alone he is. He’s always been the responsible one, devoted to the ranch, but now … everything would be so much better if there was someone to share it all with.

Payton Hanniford has always been around the Blue Star. She’s been his sister’s best friend since middle school, after all. And Brock still thinks of her as off-limits, pigeonholed as Cheyenne’s bestie and much too young for him.

But Payton’s all grown up now, a paramedic and outstanding horsewoman – she’s no shrinking violet and she’s tired of carrying a torch for Brock Lowell. Payton realizes that it’s time she took a stand and win or lose, she’s going to make this cowboy see her as the woman she’s become … the only woman for him.

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