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The Hero Next Door

The Hero Next Door

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Brian Calvert is thrilled that his fellow Lost and Found teammates have found the loves of their lives, but it’s hard being one of the only guys without a significant other. Needing a change, he shifts to the new Lost and Found branch in Columbus, Ohio, searching for something he’s never had before. Then he attends a weekend wedding and meets someone. She’s radiant and amazing, and she’s raising a brilliant young man on her own. He feels a connection to them both, and for the first time, he regrets moving across the country. No, it was a good thing. 

Now he doesn’t have to see the disappointment in her eyes when she realizes how broken he is.

Sage Harrison has dated attractive men before and she feels like she can usually hold her own, but the muscular blond hero from the wedding leaves her confused and wanting. In the few minutes they spent together, she could tell he wanted her, but he made no move to connect. Was it because she had baggage, namely her precocious, demanding child? And because her life was in flux? Unable to help herself, she kisses him, leaving them both hungry. 

Unfortunately, he’s on his way back to his new life in Ohio.

When her ex tries to stake a claim on the child he’s barely even acknowledged, she has to find a way to fight him. Maybe the handsome neighbor next door can help her out…

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