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Senator Hall and Dr. Shu tried to break Haven with their illegal experimentation, but he didn't let them.

The Dogs of War saved him from that hellhole, and now, stronger than ever, he works for them. He's found a brotherhood beyond measure, and he's determined to find all the tortured men they can to rehabilitate them.

Belladonna was their boogeyman. With one touch, she decided every prisoner's fate. But they didn't realize she was as much of a prisoner as they were.

Now she's working with the Dogs of War, trying to take the senator's hidden organization down. She's been reunited with her daughter, which makes them a tempting target. They used Lilly as leverage before to make Donna do monstrous things, and the Dogs know that if she's taken again, there will be hell to pay.

Haven struggles with his emotions. Donna saved him when he was at his lowest, and he can't help but feel indebted to her. But he also feels more, and yearns for more from her.

When their fears are realized and Donna's daughter is kidnapped, it takes everything in Haven to control Donna, because she's ready to burn the world to get Lilly back. Hopefully, the connection they've built will be enough to bring them all back.

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