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Rescuing Rex

Rescuing Rex

Rex is done with the nurse stereotype. He loves his job and makes no apologies for it. When he’s set up on a blind date with a cop, he doesn’t expect it to go well. Good thing he didn’t make that bet. 

When his blind date walks in, something inside of Rex stirs. He’s… entranced. Maybe it’s a familiarity thing, because she helped him out of a flashback weeks before when he was involved in a robbery. Or maybe it’s just her calm spirit. Despite having low expectations for the date, he knows he wants more time with her.

Lauren understands firsthand how people can be quick to judge based on stereotypes, so it’s refreshing to talk to someone who gets it. But while Rex seems like a great person, she can’t help but sense a darkness lingering beneath the surface—shadows that whisper of tragedy and pain. He is kind-hearted and willing to put others before himself, but Lauren wonders if he will ever fight for his own happiness.

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