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Rescuing Olivia

Rescuing Olivia

There was a sense of unreality to the day. It had been ten years to the day that they’d been rescued by the Delta Team, and sent home from Afghanistan, broken and bruised in so many ways.  

It seems only appropriate that she's involved in a devastating automobile crash. Sure. Why not? She’s injured, but she fights through the pain to rescue as many people as she can. In the midst of the drama, she meets a firefighter who sweeps her off her feet, so to speak.

Fire Chief Connor Kelly is more than just a pretty set of abs. He doesn't have time for a new relationship because the Lockhart BBQ Fest is going on, but something draws him to Olivia. She has strength of heart, something he admires, and it isn't long until he's wondering if he can persuade her to stay in Lockhart.

She’s afraid that he’s with her out of pity, because of her amputation, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. They both serve the community, and it isn’t until things start to get serious that they realize they have a tragic connection. 


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