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Mistletoe Mischief

Mistletoe Mischief

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Investigator Roger Stottsberry watched several of his buddies fall to the love bug recently, but he never thought he would be one of them. The blind date he’s hustled into for the Lost and Found Christmas Eve party ends up exceeding his expectations, though. Cassandra Jones is lush and lovely and more than any man could hope for. She seems totally unconcerned with his arm prosthetic and scars. Is it possible to fall in love within a night?

Plus-sized graphic designer Cassandra is stunned when she realizes Roger really means the words he says. She’s never been on the receiving end of such devoted attention, and it makes her realize how barren her life has been for so long. Roger destroys all of the natural defenses around her heart with his love… and his mistletoe mischief!

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