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Healing Hope

Healing Hope

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Paul Jameson is thrilled to have his young daughter with him, though it’s come at a cost. Hope was in the car when her mother, high on drugs at the time, crashed. Physically, the girl is fine, but mentally and emotionally, there’s some reason why she isn’t letting him in. The only one able to crack her shell is Sophie, the little mutt she’s latched onto at a friend’s house.

Paul agrees to adopt the dog, because it’s the only thing that Hope has responded to. At least, until Jessamy Swan arrives on scene to help him out.

Jess has done the whole childcare thing- after all, she’s the oldest of seven. But when her friend and boss at Healing Hearts, Helping Hands talks her into taking the job to help the little girl, Jess is swayed. And she falls in love. First with the daughter, then her overprotective father.

For the first time in her life she begins to dream of settling down.


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