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Going back into the torture camp where he’d been so brutally abused is the last thing Navy SEAL Drake Fontana wants to do, but if there are other men being experimented upon he has to be the one to get them out. And he has to give them an option other than to be test subjects for the Silverstone Collaborative, the pharmaceutical company carrying out the diabolical experiments.

If he had his way, Fontana would go in alone, but he’s assigned a team of retired, disabled military from the Lost and Found group. They all have strengths, but he hates being responsible for their safety. The most vital of the team is Jordyn Madeira. Scarred, the woman has fire in her blood and her heart, and she has contacts in the Amazon he could never find on his own.

More than that, though, Jordyn holds an immediate, dangerous attraction for Fontana. As the team crosses the jungle finding research camps and searching for survivors, he realizes that she is what his heart has always been longing for. Home. But Fontana has always had to fight for everything he’s gotten in life, and Jordan’s damaged heart will be no different.

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