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Aiden Willingham has lived a hard life. A former Navy SEAL, he’s gotten involved in a covert government testing program run by a private company called the Silverstone Collaborative. The program is brutal and they are prisoners in the truest sense of the word, but they are experiencing results. If these results are offered on the black market, thousands of people will die. Aiden and three other soldiers break out of the camp and are now on a mission to expose the company funding the testing.

When the Collaborative threatens his only living relative, Aiden has to find the assassin, as well as whoever is pulling the man’s strings.

Angela Holloway knew the military man with sadness in his eyes was trouble as soon as she saw him hanging around the site of a murder. Uncooperative, he stonewalls her investigation, but draws her in when the badge comes off. Aiden has scars, both internal and external, that make her heart ache. It’s a serious no-no getting involved with a suspect… too bad her heart isn’t listening.

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