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A Touch of Fae

A Touch of Fae

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Violet Nichols has led a sheltered life in her quiet little Kentucky town, but when two men walk into her shop and blow her mind with their sensuality, she’s taken off guard. They strike her as being a little otherworldly, especially the big one with auburn hair, but they’re gone before she can learn more about them.

Rory fights against Violet’s draw, but even five hundred miles away her spirit tugs at him and he knows the attraction will only grow. Alessandro, his longtime partner, understands that his Fae needs have to be met, but Rory refuses to choose between the two of them.

Teaching Violet about her heritage is a decadent pleasure, one he and Alessandro undertake with enthusiasm. When Faerie grants them a special blessing, he has hope that the three of them can live a life together.

Whether the Fae ruling council wants them to or not...

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