Milking the most out of fall

Milking the most out of fall

This such a busy time right now, the wind down of the year. We're prepping the property for winter.

Hubby has been bush-hogging and I've been prepping my koi pond. It's kind of a weird time right now for it, because some days are cold, and some very warm, and the fish have no idea if they're supposed to hibernate or what. At some point it will get cold enough, long enough, that they will sink to the bottom and stay there till spring. 

We're putting up Christmas lights this week, and the tree as well. I know it's early, but I'm getting in the mood. And since Thanksgiving is going to be small this year, maybe just hubby, daughter and I, I'm not worried about timing. 

Every day we run the Dobies with the bike, and in the fall, we get to see a lot of hidden things. Down one hill we have a really long rock wall and this weird L shaped tree. Kentucky is known for their rock walls and you can tell this one is really old. We also found a stone on top that feels like it could possibly be a grave stone. There's nothing etched into it that we see, but it's cut too perfect. Maybe I'll run to the courthouse and see what I can find out one of these days.

On the writing front, I'm pushing to get Brian's book done. I'd love to have it out this month, but we'll have to see. I also want to get Pound Puppy released in its entirety. Sigh... there's never an end to the words I need to get down. LOL.

mossy rock wall

Have a lovely day everyone!

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