Honeysuckle eradication

Honeysuckle eradication


We live in Kentucky and where we are, we have a large problem with invasive honeysuckle. I know, I always used to think it was cool too and smelled really good, but it inhibits the growth of hardwoods. It won't allow smaller trees to take root, and it actually emits a chemical that changes the land, making it unhospitable to hardwoods.

We've done some spraying and stuff on our own, but with over 100 acres, it's not an easy task.

We're very close to a parcel of state-owned land. They told us about an eradication program. We applied and were accepted, and yesterday they came out to spray. 

I know some people will be averse to the spraying, but I checked with them before they did it. It's not harmful to pets- I have horses and a bunch of dogs- or anything other than what they're spraying for. And it's easy for them to see where to spray, because right now, the only trees/shrubs with bright green leaves on are honeysuckle, as you can see in the picture above.



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